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Sci-Fi battlemaps for Starfinder, Stars Without Number, Traveller and more!

We make spaceships

Looking for the perfect ship for your party? We have something for you! Cargo ships, prison transports, space stations, terraformers, and more! From the crew that needs a research vessel to the party of pirates, Czepeku Sci-Fi has the ships you need! More added every month.

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Exterior & Interior

Whether you’re battling off alien hordes coming out of the vents, or running epic space battles, we’ve got you covered! Every ship has an interior and exterior. Space walks have never been this easy!

Illus interior
Illus variations


All our spaceships have multiple variations and paint jobs, so you never have to come across the same ship twice! Running salvage missions? Our ships also come with a wrecked version that your players can find floating out in the dark.

Illus wreck variation

Foundry VTT ready

We provide Foundry VTT modules for every ship. No more hassle setting up walls and lighting. Just pick your favourite ship and start flying in it moments later!

Illus foundry
Supplement A


Starfields, nebulae, space taxis, drone fighters and more! We love to include supplements in our releases to make your life as a GM easier and get your players invested in the world. Every ship comes with a blueprint and a console reading for fun and useful player handouts!

Supplement B

Animated battlemaps

Want to take your ships to the next level? We have fully animated versions of every one of our maps. Sci-fi has never been this immersive!

Illus animated

Every map from as little as $1 a month

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You will only be charged per new ship release, usually 4-5 times a month. You can also set a monthly cap on your support when you sign up below.

Spice Smuggler

Spice Smuggler

  • High-quality ships with and without grids
  • Interiors and exteriors
  • Access to patron-only polls (decide on the type of ship we make next!)
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Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy

  • All previous rewards
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  • Space backgrounds
Space Pirate

Space Pirate

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  • Animated ships
  • Animated backgrounds & assets
  • Foundry and EncouterPlus VTT ready content